Jorge Melchor is a skilled multi-media journalist who immerses himself in his work. He has considerable experience working in television as a producer, fixer and cameraman but I’m a newspaper journalist and Jorge was a great help to me as well. He played a major role in an article and Web project that The New York Times prepared last year in Mexico City. It was a sensitive subject matter: how many Mexican men have an unconventional sense of sexual identity than makes fighting AIDS a challenge. Jorge helped me track down men willing to be interviewed, which was no small feat. And he interviewed them, filmed them and helped produce a video project for the Web that attracted significant viewership and acclaim. I highly recommend Jorge to any journalist or news organization.

Marc Lacey
National Editor
The New York Times

Helped setup news stories for The Asssociated Press.

I have known Jorge for more than six years, and during that time I have had the opportunity of acting as his supervisor during certain news events related to The Associated Press in which Jorge has always demonstrated a huge sense of responsibility, dedication and initiative. 

Eloy Aguilar Director

México America central-Panama.

I have employed the talens of Jorge on several occasions over the past few years, when we’ve needed help with a story in Mexico. He has helped research stories,arranged interviews, and shot material which has been used in stories for Canada’s top television news program,The National. Jorge has always been very prefessional and easy to work with. He has been fast, thorough, diligent and times imaginative in order to meet our deadlines. I have not hesitation in recommending Jorge for any journalistic endeavours you may have.

Please contact me if you would lik more information.


Raj Ahluwalia, Sr. News Producer, National CBC Television News.

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