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Videography & Documentary Work in Arizona and Mexico!

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Producer who can help you find a crew!

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I speak multiple languages and provide equipment.

Celebrating over 10 Years of Experience in Broadcast Media and Production

I have more than 10 years experience working for video, online, print and broadcast media outlets, including NBC News, the New York Times, the HIstory Channel, the Financial Times and many others. Most recently, I have worked as a freelance video journalist in Mexico and the U.S. I can come up with strong story concepts; shoot, edit and produce my own video packages; and do my own research and planning. I am also fluent in English and Spanish, and proficient in Portuguese, French and Italian. My goal is to find a permanent, full-time job that capitalizes on my skills and allows me to take on new challenges in the rapidly changing media industry.

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Colorado marijuana amendment 64.

RSI SWISS TV. Colorado marijuan amendment 64.


Produce by Jorge Melchor.

Fatal Border Shooting sparks Protests

Fatal Border Shooting Sparks Protests


Produce By Jorge Melchor

Heart of SB 1070 Passes

Heart of SB 1070 Passes
Produced by Jorge Melchor


Maestros podran portar armas en las escuelas.


Produce,edit,film by Jorge Melchor.

Obama's Deferred Action Program

Obama's Deferred Action Program: Mabel's Path to a DREAM
Produced By Jorge Melchor


Reforma migratoria


Produce, edit, film by Jorge Melchor. 

SB 1070 Protest Outside of Hearing

SB 1070 Protest Outside of Hearing
Produced by Jorge Melchor


Searching for Healthy Mexican Food

Searching for healthy mexican food 


Produce by Jorge Melchor

The latino vote Nevada State

Latino vote Nevada State. German Tv



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